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Anti-Greying Hair Serum

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Age Shouldn't Define Your Looks!  

Get back your natural color with Golden Glam Anti-Greying solution. Clinically proven to reverse hair greying within 3-6 months of regular usage.

Clinically proven results of darkening the gray hair and improvement of hair volume after using 4 weeks.

It helps men and women with greying hair, look naturally younger by reversing the hair aging process and increasing their self-esteem.

It reduces oxidative stress by boosting catalase expression and activity, lowering hydrogen peroxide accumulation and preserving the entire pigment color.

Frequently Asked Questions

My hair started to go grey in my 20s. Will this help?
» Yes, the serum helps with premature greying of the hair.

• Can I also use it while coloring my hair?

» Yes, it can be used.

• Will my hair turn back to grey when I stop using the product?

» The serum boosts the production of melanin pigment. As hair keeps growing continuously, upon stopping the serum melanin production may cease again. We recommend using the serum continuously for the best results.

• Can I use this for my beard and eyebrows?

» We do not recommend the use of this product for the face.

• Can I use it with the hair growth serum?

» Yes, it can be used on alternate days along with the hair growth serum.